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Guy Giaimo-McClung

Director & Cinematographer​​​​​​​

It’s human nature to live our lives through stories. Anytime we talk about memories - how you met a friend, a trip you took together - they are all conveyed through stories. That’s what draws me to film.  Seeing each chapter of a story come together is what I get excited about. 
In a world where so much of your life is recorded, how you tell that story still matters; how it is told is everything. Whether it's of your wedding day, business, or an important event, I love the challenge of telling your story. Whereas, photos are a great way to capture a specific moment; with film I am able to capture the experience in a way that is uniquely powerful. 
I’ve learned over the years that each narrative is unique, and I love that.
I'm Guy, and I'm a storyteller.

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Chris Magnuson

Producer & Writer

Every culture has its parables, its fables, and its fairytales—specific types of stories that not only entertain but teach and convey messages. These tales are universal because they are effective. We learn better--we retain better--when we are engaged by a compelling narrative. That’s the power of storytelling.

As a film student, a professor told me, “I can teach you how to make films--how to operate the camera and how to edit—but none of that matters if you don’t have something to make a film about.” He was talking about story. All the technical wizardry in the world means nothing if a film doesn’t have a story to tell.

Through my studies and my career with companies like CNN and the BBC in London, story has always been at the heart of my work. Since moving to Kansas City and joining Skinikid Productions, I have used my love of storytelling to help clients reach larger audiences in meaningful ways and I hope to continue sharing their narratives in order to help them achieve greater success and reach their goals. 

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